In 2017 we have introduced a new generation of dirt bikes to give our clients a better riding experience in the harsh terrain of Cambodia.
The YAMAHA WRF 250 2010 model is all you need for the rocky mountain trails, sandy single tracks and in technical terrain.
Check out the price to upgrade your bike!!!
However, after more than 12 years of field experience we can say that the Honda XR250L is still by far the most reliable “Dual – Sport” off road motorcycle here in Cambodia and is well suited for beginner riders.
The Honda XR250L handles the abuse of hard terrain, gravel roads, sandy trails and rocky hills with ease and is the best choice for Cambodia and our off road tours!
All of our bikes are specifically modified for off-road tours and meticulously kept in a well maintained state.

Honda XR 400 R

Honda XR 250L

Yamaha WRF 250 2010

  • 4 Stroke Engine

  • 250cc 

  • 5 Speed

  • Liquid Cooled

  • 9 L Fuel Capacity (ca. 120 km)

  • Electric Start

  • Seat Height: ca. 85 cm

  • Weight: ca. 110 kg 

Yamaha WRF 250
  • 4 Stroke Engine

  • 249cc

  • 6 Speed

  • Air Cooled

  • 10.5 L Fuel Capacity (ca. 180 km)

  • Electric Start

  • Seat Height: ca. 85 cm

  • Weight: ca. 123 kg

Honda XR 250 L
Honda XR 400 R
  • 4 Stroke Engine

  • 400cc 

  • 5 Speed

  • Air Cooled

  • 10 L Fuel Capacity (ca. 120 km)

  • Kick Start Only!

  • Seat Height: ca. 90 cm

  • Weight: ca. 127 kg 

  • Honda XR250 is available for self-guided tours.
  • Yamaha WRF 250 is available only for guided tours.
  • Honda XR 400 R is available only for guided tours and availability is limited!

Please Note: 

Our motorcycles are proper performance bikes and give you all the power you need. However, climbing up steep hills, going through deep sand and more can make beginners very quickly tired and push them to their limit. We recommend to take your time to get used to the bike before you try the more difficult stuff.


The Honda XRV T 750 Africa Twin is extremely reliable and as a Big Trail Bike comfortable both on sealed roads and dirt tracks. It is the perfect choice for a motorcycle tour that combines on- and off-road sections. Equipped with side cases and a top case it has enough stowage to carry your luggage on long trips through Cambodia.

Honda XRV 750 T Africa Twin

Honda XRV 750 T Africa Twin
  • 4 Stroke V-Twin Engine

  • 742 ccm

  • 5 Speed

  • Water Cooled

  • 23 L Fuel Capacity 

  • E-Starter

  • Seat Hight: ca. 86 cm

  • Weight: ca. 202 kg

  • Front Wheel: 90/90 x 21

  • Back Wheel: 140/80 x 17

This long serving work horse of a car has been in Cambodia longer than any of us. Almost indestructible and absolutely reliable our trusted old truck will never let you down.
The support truck is your back up vehicle in case of injuries, fatigue or breakdowns. It carries your luggage and gear as well as spare parts and tools to service the bikes.
If you wish your family to join the tour but they do not ride - get them a seat in the truck and let them be a part of your adventure!
Equipped with FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE, DIFFERENTIAL LOCK, OFF ROAD TIRES and a CARRIER RACK for spare bikes our Landcruiser has everything it takes to master the outdoors.
It also carries a very important piece of equipment: an ice box full of refreshing drinks!

Toyota Landcruiser  

4x4 Toyota Landcruiser 4WD 4-Wheel Drive
4x4 Toyota Landcruiser 4WD 4-Wheel Drive


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