Your Unique Fishing Adventure For Fresh and Salt Water Fishing in Cambodia 

8 days/ 7 nights

Fishing Expedition

Fresh Water Species:

Brown Snakehead, Giant Snakehead, Forest Snakehead, Hampala Barb, Catfish, Silver Barb, Silver Carp, Tilapia and many other species

Salt Water Species:

Barracuda, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Redfish, Red Snapper Grouper and many other species.

8 days/ 7 nights overnight tour

This multiple day overnight fishing trip leads us to all of our spots around the western part of the country.

We will fish for many different species on many different spots. Fresh water ponds, lotus flower lakes, jungle rivers, brackish estuaries and the sea! All will be included.


Day 1:  Phnom Penh fresh water fishing on one of the fish ponds nearby the city of Phnom Penh.

Day 2:  Fresh water fishing in Kirirom. We will fish a lake at our resort for Pangasius. We pay a visit to the National Park nearby and cast out and try our luck catching some brown snakehead. Afternoon leaving to another village called Chi Phat where we stay overnight to get ready for the next day river fishing.

Day 3:  We will start early morning to drive out on the river and make our way to the fishing spots where will be able to catch some Hampala Barb or Giant Snakehead. We will build a camp nearby and stay out overnight. The next day we will use the early morning hours to go for another hunt. In the late afternoon we will pack up and head to our next destination near the sea of Cambodia.

Day 4:  Our boat will pick us up in the morning and we will go out for several kilometers to find the good fishing spots near the coast and the island KOH S’DACH. This day we will spend out on the water and fish for barracuda, Spanish makrel, trevally and many other salt water species.

Day 5:  We continue this day with salt water fishing or enjoy a half of the day on the pool at our resort before we are leaving to our next destination Koh Kong.

Day 6:  Start early morning we will head out to one of the most scenic places of Cambodia “The Cardamom Mountains” 100km of twisted roads through the mountains, we will cross several bridges with rivers running underneath which hold a decent amount of Hampala Barb. The evening we spend in a more basic accommodation with camp fire and hopefully grilled bbq fish!

Day 7:  We are leaving the Cardamom mountains and head towards Battambang the 2nd biggest city in Cambodia. Om our way we will check out some small hidden places only your guide knows to catch some striped/brown snakehead. One of the bigger places to go for Giant Snakehead is called Kompong Pui. A boat will take us out to the lotus flower fields which are home to the bigger Giant Snakeheads. The evening we will spend on the cocktail bar near the swimming pool of our hotel.

Day 8:  On our last day we are heading to Siem Reap City where will spend the next days to explore the hidden temples near Angkor!

After this you can decide if you wish to departure from Siem Reap or just simply spend a few more days on the beach in Kep or Sihanouk Ville. Please let us know and we will help you to organize this days.



Starting time:

Return :

Fishing Technic:


Best season:

Max. Participants:

Phnom Penh

South/West/North Cambodia

8 am

Siem Reap

all technics, all kind of baits for fresh and salt water fishing

December – April

4 pax or 3adults + 2 childs (10years)

                                             Overnight Trip includes:


all single room accommodation in hotels, resorts, organized camping and homestays,

breakfast and all meals when camping, drinking water,4WD truck include fuel, guide, fishing gear and bait, dinghy or fishing boats include fuel and fish finder           


alcoholic beverage or soft drinks, private excursions, donations and tipps, air tickets, visa, accident or health insurance.

If you wish to combine several tours we offer do not hesitate to ask for a quotation and a tailor made fishing tour!