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Incredible Cambodia
Decades of neglect had left Cambodia’s traffic infrastructure in a pitiful state. Dirt bikes used to be absolutely essential for the intrepid rider as even the connections between the major urban centers where often little more than trails. Fortunately things have massively improved. Many of those trails have been upgraded to wide gravel roads or even fully sealed highways - perfect conditions to discover Cambodia, the land of the Khmer on BIG BIKES!

Come with us on an incredible journey and experience Angkor Wat - UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lonely Planet’s choice as the world’s best tourist destination and the biggest religious complex in the world. But Cambodia has so much more to offer: There’s the famous warmth and hospitality of the Khmer people and their impressive culture. There’s gorgeous scenery and abundant wildlife, as well as colorful markets with exotic delicacies that surprise the eye and please the taste buds. And so much more that you will just have to experience for yourself.


Royal Palace, Tuol Sleng, Bamboo Bridge, Irrawaddy Dolphins, Busra Waterfall, Volcano Lake, Mekong Waterfalls, Koh Ker, Angkor Archaeological Park, Bamboo Train


Level:                         easy

Starting Location:      Phnom Penh 

Ending Location:       Phnom Penh

Duration:                    12 Days
Distance:                   ca. 1800 km
Participants:              minimum 4 people
Support Vehicle:        yes
Motorcycle:                Honda Africa Twin
                                   BMW F 650 GS
                                   Honda Transalp
22 June - 03 July 2019
19 October - 30 October 2019
20 January- 31 January 2020
09 March - 20 March 2020
20 April - 01 May 2020



Basic Package Includes:

Tour Organisation / Motorcycle / German-, English,- Khmer speaking Guide with Motorcycle / Support Vehicle / Mechanical Back Up /  Boat Ticket Preah Rumkel / Lubricants / Adventure Rider Asia Shirt and Cambodia Map

Does Not Include:

Air Fare, Visa, Insurance, Accommodation for Participants and Guides, Food for Participants and Guides, Fuel for Participant's and Guide's Bikes, Entry Fees, Soft Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages, Tuk Tuk and Private Tours, Donations and Tips, Souvenirs and everything else that is not mentioned in 'Basic Package Includes:'


 per Person

Full Package Includes:

Basic Package 

+ Accommodation for the Participants and the Guides

+ Food for the Participants and the Guide

+ River Boat Crossing Fees and Toll Bridges

+ Entry Fees

Does Not Include:

Air Fare, Visa, Insurance, Fuel, Soft Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages, Tuk Tuk and Private Tours, Donations and Tips, Souvenirs and everything else that is not mentioned in 'Full Package Includes:'

Please Note:

The price per person for the FULL PACKAGE as mentioned above is valid if the group has at least 4 riders. Please ask for a quotation for a group smaller than 4 riders.



Take your time, relax and freshen up in your hotel room. Later we will get to know each other over dinner and talk about the exciting days that are lying ahead of us.


The rest of the evening is at your free disposal.


Accommodation: Hotel, AC, TV, hot Shower, WiFi, Pool


After a hearty breakfast we dive headlong into Phnom Penh’s traffic madness. We drive past Wat Phnom, cross the Tonle Sap River, hit the highway and finally leave the Capital behind. Following the highway we reach the city of Kampong Cham, famous for Cambodia’s longest bamboo bridge. After taking in the sight of this amazing structure we continue our trip towards Kratie province, home of some of the few remaining individuals of a species of fresh water dolphins, endemic to Southeast Asia, called Irrawaddy dolphin. After our arrival in the picturesque riverside town of Kratie we head a little further north along the river to a small place called Kampi and embark on a little boat cruise to visit the dolphins.


Distance: ca. 270 km

Accommodation: Hotel, AC, TV, Shower, WiFi


The mountains are calling: We are leaving the Mekong River valley behind us (for now) and turn east to enter Cambodia’s south eastern province of Mondulkiri, home to the Punoung people, one of Cambodia’s ethnic minorities.

Tiny ‘Sen Monorom’, the regional capital is today’s destination. A mere thirty minutes drive away is Cambodia’s highest waterfall called ‘Bousra’ where a very special adventure is waiting for the brave traveler: Zipline – Fun!!! Flying through the waterfall.


We will spend our evening in the beautiful natural landscape setting of Nature Lodge sitting under the stars and by the camp fire.


Distance: ca. 210 km

Accommodation: Nature Lodge Bungalow, basic comfort, hot Shower, WiFi


After two days of solid riding, we slow things down a little and spent a relaxing day in the beautiful natural landscape setting of Nature Lodge.

There are still a number of elephants living in the forests of the Mondulkiri region. If you feel adventurous, a visit to an elephant sanctuary can be arranged.


Observe the grey jumbos in their natural habitat while walking with them through the jungle to a place where you can take a swim with these gentle giants and give them a good scrubbing.

Accommodation: Nature Lodge Bungalow, basic comfort, hot Shower, WiFi


We are leaving Mondulkiri’s mountainous scenery behind and continue our journey northbound to the province of Rattanakiri.

The most direct connection between Sen Monorom and our next destination – the city of Banlung – the former ‘Death Highway’ is now fully sealed and therefore has lost its bite.

On the plus side: a refreshing splash in the crater lake ‘Yeak Laom’ near Banlung is only a three hours’ drive away.


Distance: ca. 195 km

Accommodation: Hotel, AC, TV, hot Shower, WiFi


One of the most breathtaking sights the Land of the Khmer has to offer are the torrential waters thundering through the seemingly endless maze of rocks and ravines of the Mekong Falls in the north of Cambodia close to the border to Laos.

This is where we are going on day 6 of our adventure. We will spend the night in a small village nearby which is a great opportunity to whiteness everyday life in the country side firsthand for a bit. Cook with the locals and experience a night in one of those long-legged stilt houses.



Take the boat to get to a small Laotian river island with an amazing French-colonial history.

Distance: ca. 200 km

Accommodation: Homestay, Mosquito Net, cold Beer!



We are traveling through the remote North of Cambodia, first along the border to Laos, then along the border to Thailand to visit “Prasath Preah Vihear”. The temple has seen armed confrontation between Thai and Cambodian border troops only a few years ago but the conflict has been settled by the UN so nowadays the area is save to visit. Most dramatically perched atop an escarpment in the Dangrek Mountains (elevation 625 m), the southern tip of the temple structure affords a great view over the plain below (good weather provided).


Distance: ca. 200 km

Accommodation: Guesthouse, TV, WiFi, cold Beer, BBQ


After breakfast we get on our big bikes and continue our journey. Next stop is Koh Ker Temple, the first ancient angkorian structure that we visit on our journey and a truly unique sight that rarely receives foreign visitors.


Our final destination for today is Siem Reap, the gateway to the millennium-old ruins of the Khmer Empire of Angkor - a world class UNESCO world heritage site.

Distance: ca. 185 km

Accommodation: Hotel, AC, TV, hot Shower, WiFi, Massage



This day is yours. Feel free to use it as you please. However, we strongly recommend to pay a visit to the UNESCO world heritage site Angkor Wat and other major temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park as they are without a doubt the highlight of our big bike adventure.

A daytrip into the Angkor Archaeological Park can be arranged.


Accommodation: Hotel, AC, TV, hot Shower, WiFi, Massage


We are about to explore Cambodia’s western part, the province of Battambang. The province’s main city, gentle Battambang is the old capital city of Cambodia and our final destination for today. Shortly before our arrival we will make a stop, get off our big bikes and climb the stairs up to the top of Phnom Sampaeu, a limestone hill that affords a beautiful view over the lush and fertile countryside Battambang province is famous for. We will use the opportunity to get a glimpse inside the colorful temples that adorn the mountain top. The war relics that dot the surroundings will teach us a little more about Cambodia’s troubled recent past.


The one thing Battambang is really famous for though is ‘bamboo train’. Hop on one of those curious vehicles and enjoy the ride!


Distance: ca. 175 km

Accommodation: Hotel, AC, TV, hot Shower, WiFi


We have reached the final leg of our big bike journey. Following the highway south of the great lake ‘Tonle Sap’, we make our way back to the Capital City Phnom Penh.


If you think, that the small loop might not be enough for you, check out the BIG LOOP, where instead of going back to Phnom Penh on day 11, we’re riding deep into Cambodia’s coastal south for a few more intense days of exploration on our big bikes!


Distance: ca. 295 km

Accommodation: Resort, AC, TV, hot Shower, WiFi, Pool


Pass the time until departure and go to one of Phnom Penh’s markets. The Central Market or the Russian Market are great places to buy souvenirs for your loved ones at home.


Before departure, customers need to bring their passport with a valid Cambodian visa and sign a contract with terms and conditions for our big bike tour.


We will keep your passport for the duration of the tour as a security deposit for the motorcycle rented by the customer. In case of damage, we will return the passport to the customer after the repair costs have been settled.


Your Adventure Rider Asia Team!

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Kampot City, Kampot Province, Dragon Road/ Entanou Bridge

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